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ralph lauren outlet uk Red a dream , will eventually become empty. A lot of people always exhorted himself to be bearish on everything, but who really can do it ? Once the face of the facts themselves, the result is the same. Still can not say that lightly met tragedy . Suffering is still able to comfortably met . Just maybe people would consider good mentality problem is relatively simple. And much more sentimental person would consider a number . Personality is different, not the same view . People 's way of life is not the same. Different environment in different experiences. People are also facing different. Decided mentality. The wisdom of the people consider the issue more comprehensive. Smart people thinking things would be more thorough. Only a person of knowledge is not enough. Mainly to have a good quality and noble character.

Life is a dream , a short vanity. ralph lauren outlet uk From infants to toddlers, from toddlers to teenagers, from youth to youth , from youth to middle age. Then gradually disappeared from the world . No one can live forever, no one can go to change the facts . Choice but obedience . Sad face . There is no perfect life always matter , no matter what , and not a smooth sailing. What is the fate of the arrangement seems dead . Instead we have to create the future. A far cry from the ideal and reality . Dreams and hopes out of reach. People may feel sad. Who would not take it lightly and happy ? Who do not want happiness and liking ? But when they face the fact that it is difficult to tolerate failure. Perhaps the gain and loss is not very important, but for some things , the outcome of failure will be much of a good time consumption.

In fact alive tired . No one can look at some of the things indifferent ralph lauren outlet uk . Perhaps the text describe the reality of life is difficult and consistent . Because it is easier to say . And God made ​​it difficult . Sometimes pondering life in the end what is the meaning of life ? Is it really just eat, drink it? This is called life? This life is really meaningful? Life of intrigue , envy me envy you , you fight me noisy. Some substances are for selfish life? How can fight to fight ? No amount of money can have life left and accompanied with it? So much noise and interpersonal discord . Worth it? Better to be patient with each other more. More love , more tolerant . Treat others . More love. This life is perhaps a taste of .

Many problems are unimaginable. Few people can live in your heart ? Everyone goes through ups and downs of life. From start crying when we were born . Came to this world is doomed to be subjected to various hardships . There is no perfect world . No good weather . Life is a drama . We're going to interpret a variety of roles. Plot evil pregnant . And life is experienced joys and sorrows , ups and downs ralph lauren outlet uk . Lovesick , for the love of pain. Tired of people . Broken heart . The affectionate people can not spend . The man destined to be difficult to meet. Life is a tragedy . Love how many people suffer , how much heart hurt ? A feeling word who broke hearts ? Who lost a loved word roots ? How many lovers across the horizon two ? How many people missed the tearful love ?

The ruthless life , life of the helpless. The concept of the so-called Red light thing , laughing human feelings. In fact, a way to comfort themselves are nothing . Unable to change reality , only to suffer in silence . Elusive dream . Only deeply lament silently . No its law . Maybe you can talk with the tears of some heartache. After still need to face life. Maybe words can describe the mood. After the heart is still sadly . Among the Red short , how many time wasted waiting for us to go ? Fleeting has lost . Youth has long since disappeared . The rest of his life waiting for us how much pain ? A Red Dream , heart children worth the pain . Red poignant way . Let us shed many tears ? ralph lauren outlet uk How much is hard to pay ? After many thorns ? How many suffered torture ?

Flowers bloom and bloom. Years of age a man . Life is just a brief moment . Suddenly Spring has been more than thirty . Time flies . Youth ' old . The road ahead is difficult to predict . Waiting for us in the end is clouded ? Or winding roads . It does not matter . Perseverance. Strong through. I believe there is always a sunny day. Fate fair for everyone . It will not have all aspects . Lifetime , as long as worthy of the people, ralph lauren outlet uk no shy heart. Parents have a filial heart, sincere friend of the stars have heart . There are pieces forgiving heart for his family . Colleagues have teeth generous heart. Enough, no need to go and anyone comparisons. Life is limited, do some things that benefit others in a limited life, do not hurt others, do not deceive others. Most importantly, do not ever lose conscience.